Leading partner ZEOS was created in 2005 in response to European Community requests for organized collection and management of waste electronics. By its design, the non-profit scheme is an extension of the responsibility of manufacturers and distributors of this equipment. In addition to managing waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste portable batteries and accumulators, and waste grave candles, ZEOS has also become involved in the European funding program for environmental projects Life. Through the Life mechanism, ZEOS is upgrading its core business and expanding its activities in the area of informing, raising awareness and influencing social habits. Life Turn to e-circular is the third project for which ZEOS has received European funding and is at the same time the most comprehensive and complex of them, as it brings together and affects the most stakeholders.


The Chamber of Public Utilities is a section of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia that associates all Slovenian public service providers. They are our main communication channel to different utility companies. With their expertise, they will lead a working group to draft guidelines and instructions for WEEE reuse preparation, through which we will identify and test different instructions from different organizations based on the type of appliance and stakeholder in the process.


TSD is a waste transportation and collection company in the process of obtaining an environmental permit to prepare waste electrical and electronic equipment for reuse. By leading a project campaign establishment of re-use preparation process, they will help us to test the instructions mentioned above and give feedback on how the instructions are put into practice.

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