Online circular economy platform and mobile application


Online platform is a project tool that connects stakeholders and target groups. It is designed as a central location for gathering and disseminating information and knowledge on the circular economy and provides users with critical information. The platform is divided into 6 modules:

  • General information about the project and the circular economy – information about all the events within the project, especially those in the vicinity of the individual;
  • Servicing information for raising awareness and promoting maintenance and repair of appliances, modelled on the IFixIt web portal;
  • Garage sale information with locations of garage sales where participants will be able to post photos of e-equipment that they will sell at events;
  • Sharing module for creating a sharing community and promotion of e-equipment and other eligible product sharing;
  • information on reuse – sale of e-equipment from re-use, promotion of re-use centres, online sales point for refurbished e-equipment and components from the process of preparing e-equipment for re-use;
  • Information on the development of circular business models – examples of good practices from Slovenia and abroad for the promotion of products / services and a competition for the preparation of seminars and diploma papers in the field of circular business models.

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